Walking Club

  • Walking Club Off to a Great Start!
    Three volunteers needed to run each session. If there aren't enough volunteers for a particular day, we may be forced to cancel for that day. Grandparents or other adult family members are welcome to volunteer!  Siblings are welcome.
    Walking Club cannot happen without adult volunteers, so please plan to help out as often as possible. 
    Any questions, please email the PTO at hughespto@gmail.com, and your question will be forwarded on to appropriate person.

    What do volunteers do?

    Once outside, the following positions need to be covered:

    • 1 or 2 “Hole Punchers” – Stand at the end of the building closest to the 5th grade classrooms. Students will walk the length of the building. They will come to you to punch their cards after completing each lap.
    • 1 “Prize Distributor” – After students complete 5 laps, they may receive a “foot.” Make sure to place a check next to the 5th hole to indicate a “foot” was distributed.
    • 1 “High-Fiver” – Stand at the library end of the building. (There is a white painted arrow on the ground at this spot.) High-five the kids and encourage them as they walk past. Make sure they walk all the way to you before turning around.


    Approximately 5 minutes before the end of the period, tell students it is their last lap.  Collect cards from students as they return from their last lap. No student should keep his/her own card after the Club ends for the day.  Please then file cards back into the proper file box.  If students complete a card, they must fill out all information on a new card to continue walking.