Walking Club

  • Walking Club Starting Up for Fall!

    It's time to start up Hughes Walking Club again!  Parent volunteers are needed to run this club during recess every Tuesday and Thursday, weather permitting.  It's super easy to help and the kids LOVE it!  (Younger siblings are welcome to tag along with you.)  Please see the attached flyer for information, and click on the link for our volunteer sign-up.  We need help starting NEXT week- Tues/Thurs (Oct 16th and 18th).  Make sure you click on the correct link for the grade your child(ren) are in.  There will be 3 sessions of Walking Club this year (Fall, Winter, and Spring). **NEW THIS YEAR- if your child walks to/from school they can start keeping track of the miles they walk as well!  We are only counting miles walked to/from school though!  :)  There is a "Miles Walked" recording sheet on the 2nd page of the flyer, so you can help them keep track of their miles. Students should bring these into school at the end of every month and will get prizes during the first week of the next month.  Prizes will be rewarded for every mile, half marathon (13.1 miles), and marathon (26.2 miles).  Plus we will have a drawing 3x a year for students to have a chance to win bigger prizes!  The more miles they walk, the greater the chance their name will be drawn.  The top individual and class walkers will be recognized and awarded at our end of year Awards Assembly.  Let's make 2018-2019 the year we walk the most miles yet!!

     2nd/3rd Grade Fall Walking Club Sign Up:


    4th/5th Grade Fall Walking Club Sign Up:


    Any questions, please email the PTO at hughespto@gmail.com, and your question will be forwarded on to appropriate person.