• Music Performance Dates at GLHS for 2020-2021

    Pending Marching Band Home Football Game Performances: 10/10/20 @ 1 PM, 10/24/20 @ 2 PM, 10/31/20 @ 12 PM (NOTE: Performances may be viewed by spectators "in person" if allowed by NJSIAA or virtually if not allowed by NJSIAA)

    To Be Announced: Winter Band Concert (Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Band, and Bagpipes)

    To Be Announced: Spring Small Ensembles Concert (Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Band, Bagpipes, and Small Wind/String/Vocal Ensembles)

    To Be Announced: Spring Large Ensembles Concert (Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Concert Choir, Orchestra, and Full/Symphony Orchestra)

    06/16/21 @ 6:30 PM: GLHS Commencement Exercises (Commencement Band Members: Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Faculty/Guests; Counts as a Portion of the Final Exam Grade for Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors in Band)