• Welcome to Computer Applications

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    The goal
     of the computer application cycle is to provide every 6th Grade student at Columbia Middle School with the knowledge and specific skills necessary to interact with different aspects of technology. This preparation will enable our students to achieve lifelong success in our society and the workplace.

    Our students are given extensive opportunities to interact with a variety of hardware and software. Instruction is provided in a rigorous, non-threatening, developmentally appropriate manner.

    Our program addresses the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards for using information technology and other tools, as well as addressing standards from Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages.

    Our students use the computer and available software, such as word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing, multi-media, graphics, and the Internet to successfully:

    • complete class projects
    • solve problems
    • organize and evaluate information
    • make presentations
    • show appropriate use of the Internet
    • access and evaluate information from the Internet
    • demonstrate an appreciation for the rapid, continuous advancement of technology
    • recognize the impact of technology on privacy, individual rights, and the students' role in respecting those rights
    • be familiar with and respect copyright laws