• My Philosophy of Teaching


    Lisa is my name and teaching PE and Health is my game! I wanted to become a Health and Physical Education educator because athletics and teaching/training have always been a part of my life.  I truly believe that schools construct society and through educating the young, the society that I touch can become a worthy, lovely, loving, happy, and socially harmonious place in which to live.  Making a difference in our world is imperative to me and I cannot think of a better place to start than in our Garden State.  I know that educating our youth will fulfill the goals that I have for my career.  I love children of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. As an educator, each day of my life, I will be able to develop our future.

    I believe in the capacity of human communities to solve any problem. By treating each student with respect as an individual, with special interests, ideas, and talents and removing the school's isolation from life, my students will be educated, liberated/free, aware, and humane men and women who will become physically fit, healthy, and responsible citizens for a lifetime.

    My belief that ignorance of what is going on around us makes us fear, sets my goal to abolish such fear and create a learning environment where me and my students will learn from the unknown in order to reconstruct society.  I will do this through being a zealous, nurturing, compassionate, loving, encouraging, and patient educator who fosters a try again environment, building small successes on a daily basis.

    All students have an equal and fair right to learning in a safe environment.  As a teacher, this will be manifested in my classroom as being able to provide a fair and equal learning environment for all students despite their race, national origin, religion, sex, age, socioeconomic status, ability, or accommodation needed.

    My students will learn through direct experience in varied whole-hearted purposeful activities connected with the students' interests and needs, and find individual happiness and joy in life to make it possible to exchange with, learn from, and get to know the unknown. I will help my student learn to love and respect themselves and each other; have strong individualism, yet possess a strong care, empathy, mutual respect, and understanding of fellow human beings. By creating responsive and environmentally responsible adults, my students will be less liable to maim or pollute the world. Education for my students is a collective educational effort made by all members who come into contact with my students, including members of the direct community, all school staff, family members, friends, and our fellow men and women spanning the globe.

    As a culturally responsive teacher, I want to instill in my students that the world is unfinished, that the future is open-ended, and that what they think and do make a difference. My hope is that by putting kindly feelings into action in the world, the student who came to school with a whole mind and body will leave a happy, liberated, self-actualized student with a fuller mind and body able to act as a culturally responsible agent of change in the world in which she lives.