Columbia Middle School Spring Sports - Baseball   Softball
    Registration and form Submission Deadline 3/1/18
    If the athlete HAS NOT played a sport during the 2017/2018 school year, follow these steps:
    Step 1. Every athlete must register on the FormReLeaf Site https://formreleaf.com/organizations/columbia-middle-school
    Step 2. Every athlete must have a sports physical.  Complete registration instructions and all links can be found with in FormReLeaf.
    *Athletes who require emergency medication must have medication forms, including permission to carry and self-administer their medication, completed by their doctor.
    Step 3. Every athlete must pay the activity fee (a refund is given if the athlete does not make the team).  https://www.bhpsnj.org/Domain/9
    If the athlete HAS played a sport during the 2017/2018 school year, follow these steps:
    Step 1. Complete the New Jersey Health History Update Questionnaire and return it to the health office.
    *If the athlete's sports physical is more than 1 year/365 days old on the first day of spring try outs, an email is sent from FormReLeaf and a new sports physical is required (step 2 above).
    Parents and coaches will receive email notification from FormReLeaf when the athlete is cleared to participate.
    The reason for the registration and form submission deadline of 3/1/18:

    Begining in January 2017, the Berkeley Heights School Districts contracted doctor must review and approve all athletes for sports, including tryouts. The only form accepted is the New Jersey Preparticipation Physical Exam Form found within FormReLeaf registration site.  After a child's physical, given by their private doctor, is returned to the school, it is reveiwed by the school nurse. 

    From experience the school nurse knows that the district doctor is very careful and has sent back physicals for all of the reasons listed below without approval causing a long delay before a child can participate.  

    The school nurse checks that the New Jersey Preparticipation Physical Exam Form contains:

    • all FOUR pages, including page two The Athlete With Special Needs: Supplemental History Form,
    • that it is signed on pages one and two by students and parents,
    • that all yes answers on page one have a complete explination in the area provided,
    • that a vision check is included,
    • that if the child has a life threatening allergy or asthma, medication forms and medication have been included,
    • that the private doctor has included a physical date on pages one, two and three,
    • that the private doctor has completed the NJ State Cardic Module and included the date it was completed,
    • that the doctor has signed pages three and four in all three required places.  

    When everything is complete, the physcial is then sent to the district doctor and must be approved and returned before the child is cleared.  During busy sports pre-season the turn around time can be longer.  While your child, and all children in Berkeley Heights are our priority, our district doctor is also the doctor for several other districts, and does not view our physicals being reviewed as most important.