• ACT Bootcamp

    Boost your confidence, build momentum, and increase your score!

    Governor Livingston PTO is proud to partner with Catalyst for an ACT Bootcamp, a two-day seminar that arms students with go-to strategies for every question they’ll face on the day of the test. This is not a “mock” ACT. Students receive Catalyst’s ACT Bootcamp book, self-study materials, diagnostic tests, and even copies of essays that earned perfect scores on the actual ACT’s. Topics include: 

    ·         How to shortcut math problems that stump more than 90% of test-takers 

    ·        How to highlight key information in seemingly confusing ACT Science passages 

    ·         How to use a surefire template for the newly-revised ACT essay 

    ·         How to crack the 10 types of English questions guaranteed to be on the ACT 

    The ACT Bootcamp will be offered TWO times during the 2017/2018 school year:


    ACT Bootcamp at Governor Livingston

    Saturday, October 21st, 9am - 1pm


    Wednesday, October 25th, 5pm - 9pm

    Students attend both days
    Cost:  Just $175 per student for the entire workshop and course materials.
     For more information or to enroll, visit www.CatalystPrep.com and click the Bootcamp Sign-Up tab on the website's menu bar or call 800-235-0056.

     A Portion of the Proceeds Benefits The Governor Livingston High School PTO