• Concert Band, Concert/Marching Band, Color Guard

    Block G, Full Year

    Governor Livingston High School



    Mr. Nicholas O’Sullivan                                                                       Mr. Josef Ellis

    (908) 464-3100 ext. 2412                                                                   (908) 464-3100 ext. 2329

    nosullivan@bhpsnj.org                                                                        jellis@bhpsnj.org         


    General Course Description:

    This course is designed to foster a love for music through the development of individual and group musical skills in a large band setting. Students in this course receive 5 credits per year (Concert Band) or 6.25 credits per year (Concert/Marching Band) and can repeat it for credit. Color Guard students receive 1.25 credits for Q1 and can repeat it for credit. Students have the opportunity to share credits with other Block G large musical ensembles.


    Student Expectations:

    Students in this course are expected to:

    • Be on time and get their instruments/equipment out immediately at the start of the period
    • Warm-up on their instruments/equipment before the group warm-ups
    • Have a pencil (NOT PEN) for marking in their parts
    • Utilize provided tuners for tuning and return them at the end of class
    • Practice instrumental technique and parts at home/in their spare time
    • Check and use Google Classroom regularly for announcements/assignments
    • Submit assignments on time and attend pull-out lessons and performances related to class
    • Respect the Band Room and aid in its cleanliness
    • Use iPads/technology in rehearsal only when instructed to do so


    Marching Band Credit System:

    Those students signed up for Marching Band in addition to Concert Band receive 1.25 additional credits (6.25 total credits). Students in Marching Band are required to be at all out-of-school rehearsals, competitions, football games, parades, and other events. Marching Band students also need to attend Band Lab during the second half of lunch on Day 3 during Marking Period 1.


    Color Guard Member Expectations:

    Color Guard members will rehearse each day in Block G during Marking Period 1. Rehearsal will be run by the Color Guard Section Leader(s). In Marking Period 2, Color Guard members will report to Study Hall for the duration of Semester 1 or to their musical ensemble. Color Guard members are required to be at all out-of-school rehearsals, competitions, football games, parades, and Band Labs. Students enrolled in Color Guard receive 1.25 credits per year. Guard members do not have pull-out lessons.


    In-School Rehearsals:

    This course meets on Days 1, 2, and 3 during Block G. Marching Band Students (Instrumentalists and Color Guard) will meet separately on Day 3 in Marking Period 1 and will use the lab period during the second half of lunch. At the conclusion of the Marching Band season at the end of Marking Period 1, Day 3 will become a regular Concert Band rehearsal for all students and the lab period will no longer be utilized. Additionally, some students may be scheduled for Percussion Ensemble (S1 & S2), Symphony Orchestra (S1 & S2), and Wind Ensemble (S1 & S2). Room 19 and outside will act as secondary locations for these ensembles.



    Grades will be assigned based on the following criteria:

    • Class Participation/Preparedness (60% of Total Grade): Weekly grade for Block G.
    • Pull-Out Lesson Attendance and Participation (20% of Total Grade): This weekly grade counts for each week when a Pull-Out Lesson is scheduled. For further details on Pull-Out Lessons, see the next section below.
    • Lesson Assignments (20% of Total Grade): As an extension of lessons, each instrumentalist will be assigned playing assignments that will be graded. Typically, there are approximately three assignments assigned each marking period. A standard rubric is used for grading. Late lesson work will NOT be accepted two weeks past the due date.
    • Performances: Failure to make a required performance will result in an automatic failure (50% deduction) of the marking period grade in which the performance falls.


    Pull-Out Lessons:

    Instrumentalists will be scheduled for pull-out lessons. Lesson schedules will be published and distributed to faculty and students. Lessons will be scheduled on a rotating basis that will cycle through most blocks and lunch. As a result, students would miss a given class no more than once every seven weeks. To attend a lesson, students must first report to their regular class to inform the teacher of lessons before the late bell. A teacher has the right to keep the student in the event of a quiz, test, or project. If a student is unable to attend lessons, he/she will be responsible for making up the lesson time and any missed work from the lesson with the directors. Failure to do so will affect the student’s grade as outlined in the grading policy for this course. Students are responsible for any missed work from their regular class while at pull-out lessons. Attendance at pull-out lessons will not negatively impact the student’s attendance from the class they were pulled from. All students need to sign into lessons.


    Attendance and Behavior:

    Any attendance and behavior infractions will follow the policies set forth in the school’s handbook.



    In some cases, the school will provide instruments for students to use in class and in some cases the school will provide an instrument that the student will sign-out for home use. All instruments are to be treated with upmost respect and should not be stored in a garage, basement, attic, or the like. Students will sign out the instrument at the beginning of the year and return it at the end of the course.


    Instrumental Care:

    Instruments in the Band Room shall be stored in the designated location. Instruments must be placed on shelves in numerical order from left to right and top to bottom (where applicable.) Shelves are not to be used for any other purpose. All instrument cases must be fully closed and secured. Instruments also must be well maintained. Brass players should have slides greased and valves oiled. Woodwind players should use swabs and cork grease. Students need to be proactive with instrument maintenance. If an instrument is excessively dirty, more extreme measures may be needed; see a director during lunch



    Required concerts for this course will occur in Marking Periods 2 and 4. The dress code for the students at all concerts are as follows:


    Men- Black dress shoes, black dress socks, black dress pants, and black buttoned down shirt with NO TIE. In a pinch, solid black polo or tee shirts will also be accepted.

    Women- Something comparable to the men’s attire or a long black conservative dress. There should be no white trim on the dress. Closed toe shoes only.


    There should be no colors, symbols, stripes, writing, or anything else on your attire besides solid black.

    Please take pride in your ensemble’s appearance.


    Winter Band Concert: TBD

    Spring Concerts: Small Ensembles: TBD



    The Governor Livingston 2020 Commencement will occur on June 18, 2020. As part of this course, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are expected to play in the “Commencement Band” for this school event. Participation in this event will count towards the final exam grade. If a student is not able to participate in the Commencement, a parent/guardian must make arrangements with the directors one month in advance to excuse them from the activity and arrange for an alternate written final exam to be administered during the final exam period.


    Final Exam:

    Students are required to attend and participate in the Final Exam for this course. For Block G, the Final Exam is scheduled to be on 06/15/20. The Final Exam will count as 10% of the Final Grade. As per the Governor Livingston handbook, senior students can be exempt from the final exam if they have earned an average of 90% or greater during the last two marking periods of the course or over the entire course.

    Split Music Period:

    Students will be allowed to participate in more than one music ensemble at the same time during Block G should they wish. Students wishing to do so must get permission from the Music Supervisor, Mrs. Laurie Scott. To obtain permission, a form must be filled out during the first week of school. If you wish to split your music period with another ensemble, see your teacher for the appropriate form and for more information. Sharing is restricted to the following scheduled courses: Concert Band, Concert/Marching Band, Color Guard, Concert Choir, and Orchestra.


    Parent Portal:

    Parents will be able to monitor student attendance and grades via the Parent Portal. If a parent does not have a login and/or password for the Parent Portal, they can obtain one by contacting Mrs. Milos in the Main Office at Extension 2501.


    Google Classroom Enrollment Codes (Only Enroll in the ONE):

    Concert Band: fion4bf                                                         Marching Band (includes Concert Band): ojzrphc