• GLHS Music Theory

    Mr. Elefante


    Semester 1, Block E

    Google Classroom code: woxhxbg

    Course Description

    Music Theory deals with the concepts of pitch, rhythm, form, ear training, and music history.  

    Student Expectations

    Students in this course are expected to:

    1. Be on time in their chairs with paper and pencils.
    2. Check and use e-mail and Google Classroom daily for announcements and assignments.
    3. Complete all assignments in a timely fashion.


    Grades are earned based on the following criteria:

    1. Class Participation and Preparedness - (25%)
    2. Homework - (25%)
    3. Quizzes - (25%) There will be four equally-weighted quizzes (two per marking period)
    4. Project - (25%) Students will be required to complete a final composition project encapsulating all material covered in class for the semester.

    Course Content

    1. Pitch
    2. Simple Meters
    3. Scales and Major Keys
    4. Compound Meters
    5. Minor Keys and Diatonic Modes
    6. Intervals
    7. Triads
    8. Seventh Chords
    9. Counterpoint
    10. Two-Voice Composition


    Class attendance and infraction procedures will follow the School Handbook’s attendance policy.

    Parent Portal

    Parents will be able to monitor student attendance and grades via the Parent Portal. If a parent does not have a login and/or password for the Parent Portal, they can obtain one by contacting Mrs. Milos in the Main Office at Extension 2501.