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    Summer Review Information
    June 2020  
    Think Central - "Go Math" 

    How to get to Personal Trainer on Think Central (Go Math)

    *Personal Trainer will give your child extra practice on a concept or skill that they found challenging on an homework assignment


    Select subject-- Mathematics

    Select from choices - Go Math

    Using the drop down menus

    State- New Jersey

    District-Berkeley Heights

    School May Kay McMillin

                User Name You child’s first initial, last name and the number 27 ex. sjones 27

                Password Bear 651#

     Once logged in go to-My Library

    -Choose Go Math student edition e-book

    -Table of Contents and choose the chapter

    -Now choose the lesson to work on (On the homework sheet sent home from school the lesson number is in the top right hand corner)

    -Once the lesson is chosen go to resources in the left margin

    -Click that and a Lesson Leveled Resources option will appear

    - Now you will have access to  Math trainer and a "Math on the Spot" video that will also review a concepts from that particular lesson.

    Raz Kids 
    Pebble Go
    Dear Families
    We are sharing a new school resource, Pebble Go, that can be accessed from home, school or on the go-anywhere your child has an internet connection. 
    Login     mkmec
    Password     school 
    Our school currently subscribes to the following Pebble Go database: