Research has shown that over the summer months, students often regress in their academic competencies, thereby reinforcing the importance of reading and practicing math skills over the break. Finding some time to enjoy pleasurable reading and complete math activities during the summer recess will help your child maintain the growth that occurred this past school year.  This is particularly important following the interruptions to learning that were caused as a result of the global pandemic.  Now more than ever, we encourage families to find the time to read together and find creative ways for students to challenge themselves with math puzzles and other discovery learning activities.


    An email was sent in mid-June from your child’s classroom teacher containing information related to the student’s grade level. (If you cannot find the email with the math attachments or you are a new student to the district, please contact your building principal to request the summer assignments email.)


    For students entering grades 3-5, the email contains attachments with a reading list, a form for recording books your child has read and a math packet. (The summer reading list and recording form for incoming students in grades 2-5 are linked on the left-hand side of the screen.) The math assignments may contain new material for students. Do not worry if your child cannot complete the problems at this time. They will receive instruction and support in these new concepts beginning in September.


    For students entering grade 6, the email contains a summer reading assignment and links to information about the math assignment posted on the district website. Incoming sixth-grade students will continue to use the Mathspace program which is adaptive, gives immediate feedback and has hints, videos and an online textbook to provide additional support. Within his/her Mathspace account, your student will see a set of recommended tasks compiled by the 6th-grade math teachers containing 5th-grade skills that are considered foundational. Students will also be able to work ahead on assignments that they will be learning in September. To log into Mathspace, students should use their email address as the username and their six-digit lunch code plus the letters “Bh” for the password. See example below.  You may also find additional Mathspace guidance using this link.


    Username:  asmith27@bhpsnj.org

    Password:  123456Bh


    While none of the math work is mandatory, these assignments serve as a resource for students and parents/guardians.