Elementary Summer Math and Reading 2018

    Summer has arrived! I hope you all have enjoyable and relaxing plans for July and August. I also hope that all students will find some time to enjoy pleasurable reading and complete some Math activities during the summer recess. Research has shown that over the summer months, students often regress in their academic skills, thereby reinforcing the importance of reading and practicing Math skills over the break.

    At some point, prior to June 15, 2018, you received an email from your child’s classroom teacher containing attachments with summer Math instructions as well as a summer reading list and template for making a record of any summer reading that has been completed. The Summer Reading List and Recording Template for grades 2-5 are linked on the left hand side of the screen.

    For students entering grades 3-5, the Math assignments may contain new material for students. Please do not worry if your child can not complete the problems at this time, they will receive instruction and support in these new concepts beginning in September.

    For students entering grade 6, the mandatory summer reading assignment for students can be found on the district website or by clicking here. Students will complete their summer Math online using their assigned Mathspace account.

    Mathspace (https://www.mathspace.co) is an adaptive Mathematics program. Students get immediate feedback on problems telling them if they are correct, on the right track but there is still more work, or if their answer is incorrect. They can also get hints, watch videos , or review an online textbook.

    Within their account, your student will see a set of recommended tasks compiled by the 6th grade Mathematics teachers containing 5th grade skills that are considered foundational. Students will also be able to work ahead on assignments that they will be learning in September. Additional information about Mathspace and supporting instructions for parents and students entering grade 6 can be found on the district website under the Curriculum Tab and Summer Assignments link.

    While none of this math work is mandatory, it is our hope that these assignments become a resource for students and parents to talk about books together and to maintain the growth that occurred this past school year. Perhaps these assignments can be used as a productive activity on a rainy day that forces everyone indoors.

    If you can not find this email with the Math attachments or your are a new student in our district, please contact your building principal who can send a new copy for your child.