• Candidacy Dispute Procedure

    Nonselected candidates are strongly encouraged to meet with the advisor.  If, after that conversation, the candidate believes that a technical or procedural mistake has been made (i.e. an inadvertent omission of a student’s name from the list of those qualified for induction, the erroneous averaging of grades, or the chapter’s failure to follow prescribed procedures) the candidate should contact Mr. Nixon.  If Mr. Nixon believes that a technical or procedural mistake has been made based on your conversation, Mr. Nixon will begin an investigation; however, Mr. Nixon will not convene an alternate faculty council in the hopes that a different group of faculty arrives at a different conclusion nor will Mr. Nixon serve as a faculty council of one to re-evaluate a candidate’s qualifications.

    Challenges to the integrity of the faculty council are not taken lightly and should not be made solely because you are unhappy with not being selected.  If you choose to present a claim of technical or procedural mistake, Mr. Nixon must be notified as per the date and time on the selection timeline websitePlease note that if your dispute was solely based on disagreeing with the nonselection instead of a claim of technical or procedural mistake, you will not be eligible to participate in any future selection process.