•  library

    Library Expectations 



    1.            Be polite and respectful at all times.

    2.            Walk into class quietly.

    3.            Sit down in your assigned seat.

    4.            Raise your hand before talking.

    5.            Be a good listener.

    6.            Follow directions and try your best.

    7.            Be supportive of others.

    8.            Positive attitude.

    9.            Be kind.

    10.        Be safe.

    11.        Please remember to return your library books on time.  If you need longer to read your book, it can be renewed.

    12.        Please be careful with your books.  Remember - you are responsible for them when they leave the library.

    13.        Please use a spacer when searching for a book.  This helps to keep the library neat so that everyone can find the book they are searching for.

    14.        Tell Mrs. Merrill about a great book that you read.  She is always looking for great book suggestions.