• Grading

    Grades will be based on daily work, assignments, tests, quizzes, group work, participation, and teacher observation.  Grades will be issued based on the Berkeley Heights Board of Education guidelines. 

              A    = 93-100                C     = 73-76

             A-    = 90-92                  C-    = 70-72

              B+   = 87-89                 D+   = 67-69

              B     = 83-86                 D     = 63-66

              B-    = 80-82                 D-    = 60-62

              C+    = 77-79

         Tests will be sent home to be signed and returned to school the following day.  



        * Homework is a very important tool that not only reviews and reinforces concepts covered in class, but also teaches responsibility. 

       *Your child is expected to complete homework on a daily basis.  There will be no written homework over the weekend unless there is a test on Monday or a long term assignment that needs to be completed.

       *RFFI- Reading For Fun & Information

       *The yellow Woodruff assignment pad is a great place to communicate.  Please sign the homework pad each night.

       *In the event that your child forgets a homework assignment it will be recorded on a homework slip.  This must be signed by a parent and returned the following day with the completed assignment.  If a child misses four homework assignments in any one subject within a trimester, his/her grade will be reduced by one-half grade. For example, if a student with an “A” average misses four assignments in math, the grade will be dropped to an “A-“.