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    Homework Policy
    • Your child will have between 30-60 minutes of nightly assignments Monday-Thursday.  
    • Please contact me if homework seems to be taking longer than this or if other problems arise.
    • Your child will also be expected to read independently for 20 minutes for five nights of the week and complete a D.I.R.T log due every Friday. 
    • Every Thursday a P.O.W. (Problem of the Week) math problem will be due.
    • Homework will be marked  with a check 1- check 5.  These numbers will be averaged and count as a quiz grade.(5 is the highest)
    • If homework is not returned your child will complete a diary page, with an explanation. This will be sent home to be signed.
    • In the event that a student misses four homework assignments in any one subject (and within a particular marking period), his/her grade will be reduced by one half grade.
    • Every morning your child fills out a Hot Ticket after they hand in their homework and on Mondays a name is picked from the tin to receive a homework pass.
    • Please contact me by email if difficulties arise so that I can provide additional support to your child.  I am available most days at 2:50 PM.