• tree Woodruff Garden Club
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    The Woodruff Garden  Club is a great way for your child to experience the courtyard garden and wildlife habitat in the back of the school.
    We will be outside observing, collecting and digging to see how our habitat is changing and how our natural world is inter-related. Second and third grade classes will meet on Wednesday during the recess time of the lunch hour. The lunch aids will announce which class is meeting that day. Fourth and fifth grade classes will meet after school for several times a year. For the afternoon club there is a  form that needs to be completed and returned to Mrs. Bjorges school mailbox.
    Don't forget, the Woodruff garden is a wonderful place to visit with your child after school or on weekends. There are child created sculptures and a vegetable, butterfly, and tree nursery garden.  Explore with your child or let them show you what they know!
    Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated in maintaining our garden! Especially during the summer. Look for a notice in June.
    Mrs. Diana Bjorge, Club Advisor, dbjorge@bhpsnj.org    At WW on Wednesday, Thursday pm and Friday
    garden view          sweet potatoes