• As an alternative to Mavis Beacon in computer classes this year, students will complete their keyboarding lessons on typing.com
    Typing.com is an online typing tutor, and will teach proper touch-typing techniques and improve their keyboarding skills.
    On Typing.com, you can practice and master the keyboard one lesson at a time. It allows you to pick up where you left off in the course and displays a keyboard and hand diagram as they type to reinforce proper finger placement. 
    To access your Typing.com lesson
    Choose "Sign Up With Google"
    Select your Class & Continue
    Use your School ID & Password 
     Once you have logged in
    Select Account (top right of screen)
    Please fill in your First and Last Name
    Save and go back to the lesson page 
    Do not change other settings 
     Students should complete the following levels
    Grade 6  Grade 7  Grade 8
    Begin    Inter Advanced  
    Begin Your lesson
     Follow the Tutorial
     Students will receive a grade for keyboarding on Powerschool. 
    The grade will be equal to the "Advanced Wrap Up" score awarded at the end of the unit