• What is a Word Wall?

     A word wall is a collection of words which are displayed in large visible letters on a wall, bulletin board, or other display surface in a classroom. The word wall is designed to be an interactive tool for students and contains an array of words that can be used during writing .

    Why use Word Walls?

    • They provide a permanent model for high frequency words
    • They help students see patterns and relationship in words, thus building phonics and spelling skills
    • They provide reference support for children during reading and writing activities. 

    Each week your child will be working with a new set of words at school and at home. The goal is for your child to read and spell the words automatically. Many of the words will be "Trick Words" that can not be sounded out. To memorize the spellings of these words, your child can chant the letters out loud while clapping their hands or stomping their feet. Children may also "sky write" the words by drawing the letters in the air with their arm outstretched and their finger pointed. Some children will benefit from writing the words in a tray of sand, using their finger. The website http://www.starfall.com has many activities to help your child with spelling and reading.

    Week 1:  the   I    a   and   to  is   his  do 
    Week 2: you     be     has   we   she   as   me   he 
    Week 4: *cat   bus    dig   bed    of    for    or    was 
    Week 5: nonsense words 
    Week 6: *thin    shed    chop    whip    have    from    does    here
    Week 7: *thick    rash    rich    shock    quick    deck    much    thud  
    Week 8: *will     off     mess     buzz     who     what     when     were 
    Week 9: *all     tall     mall     shell     where     there     are     put 
    Week 10: *am     an     Dan     ram     Pam     too     very     also 
    Week 11: I'm     isn't     didn't     it's     I'll    wasn't     can't     don't  
    Week 12: *bug     pups     paths     chills     why     by     my     try
    Week 13: *clocks     necks     kicks     packs     some     come     her     over 
    Week 14: number     eight      nine      five      four      seven     three      two 
    Week 15: *thing     fang     song     lung     would     could     should     into 
    Week 16: *junk     bank     honk     sink     say     says     each     our 
    Week 17: wing     sang     sank     chunk     thinks     thanks     rinks     honks 
    Week 18: *best     truck     swish     camp     see     between     any     many 
    Week 19: *bunch     ranch     shrug     pinch     how     now     down     friend 
    Week 20: *not     melt     stop     gulp     out     about     other     another