• Contact Information:
    Mrs. Patti Schiffl
    Voice mail ext. 4332 
       Mondays at Hughes  Tuesdays at Mt. Park  Wednesdays at Woodruff Thursdays at Hughes 
     Period 1  Wilczynski  Stanek  Waller  
     Period 2  Massa  Pellegrini  Prep  
     Period 3  Prep
     Watkins  Madura
     Period 4  Liguori  Butler  Morris  Pearsall
     Period 5  Guyton  Pastore  Lunch  Corcoran
     Period 6  Lunch  Lunch  Delatour  
     Period 7  Barton  Confroy  Calabrese  
     Period 8  Chrobok  Saravay  Barton  
    *Students who successfully complete their weekly assignments and projects receive a 'Satisfactory' (S) grade in computer class.
    *Students who have incomplete assignments, or who are not working to the best of their ability, will receive a 'Needs Improvement' (NI) grade.
    *Additional behavior comments many be added to the 'S' or 'NI' as needed if a student does not demonstrate proper computer lab behavior.
    *Students may stop by the computer lab before or after school if they have a question or need extra help.  Please note that I am at each school one day/week.