Biology Grading Policy

    • A total points system is used to calculate your grades.
    • In general, tests and projects are worth about 100 points, quizzes and labs 10-20 points, classwork and homework 5-10 points.
    • PowerSchool:  You can check PowerSchool to see your grades at any time.
    • Absent work: It is your responsibility to obtain missing work and to submit all makeup work.  Please check Google Classroom for missed work and notes.
    • Late work: Homework, lab reports and projects may be submitted late for partial credit.
    • Final course grades are calculated according to school policy as follows: Q1 = 22.5%, Q2 = 22.5%, Q3 = 22.5%, Q4 = 22.5%, Exam = 10%
    • I do not give grades - you earn them!