• 2020  
    Learning Objectives (Samples)                    
    Understand the function of small and large businesses in our economy.
    Understand the principles of utilized in a business setting.
    Apply problem solvings and critical thinking skills used within a business entity.
    Understand and apply communication concepts In business.
    Apply Human Resource theory in management of a business.
    Identify the importance of leadership skills in the management of a business.
    Review the record keeping required to operate a business.
    Work independently and cooperatvely in a safe environmentn conducive to educational growth.
    Examine the ethical and social responsibilities of business.
    Use business vocabulary in communicating.                    
    Contact Information                      
    Please e-mail (tkendall@bhpsnj.org) and I will respond via e-mail or a telephone call if desired.
    You may also call me at (908) 464-3100 ext 2343 and leave a voicemail message.
    The voicemail creates a digital audio message that is delivered to me via an e-mail notification.
    Semester 1 - 2021-2022
    Block A - Intro to Accounting
    Block B - Business Technology
    Block C - Business Management
    Block E - Project Connect Business
    Block H - Entrepreneurship
    Availability for Help
    While under the normal Modified Rotating Block Schedule (a.k.a. - In Person Learning - return date TBD):
    By appointment only.  Please arrange via email for help before and after school.  
    I may be available daily in Room 121 during lunch for help (subject to lunch duty assignment which changes on a marking period basis)
    I will not be available on Day 1 / Semester 1 of the normal Modified Rotating Block Schedule (due to my class schedule on that day).                    

    Class Expectations:
    Students are expected be prepared for class on a daily basis, ask and answer questions, collaborate, and be actively engaged in class.  Students are responsible for material missed if absent and should see me with questions upon returning to class.
    Additional Class Expectations: (for Remote Learning Sessions)
    Students are expected to enter the Zoom conference call on time, using a screen name that matches thier school record, with their camera on (for both attendance purposes and engagemenT - unless prior approval sought out and approved by the school's administration.  Students should not share Zoom codes and passwords with students or other individuals not enrolled in the class. 
    Grading Policy:
    Marking period grades are based on a total point system consisting of grades on tests, quizzes, projects, and classroom assignments. Classroom assignments are graded based on completion as well as showing a developing understanding or mastery.  Classroom assignments are to be completed during class time provided.
    Where to find up to date assignments:
    All current assignments, Google Slide / Powerpoint presentations, and other relevant documents are posted on Google Classroom.