• Grading
    We use a total points system.  
    • Quizzes, tests, and projects are all worth a certain amount of points. Quizzes are generally 25 points, and tests are generally 50 points.  
    • We also give points for 1) homework completion (students start out with 50 points and lose 3 points for each homework assignment that is not turned in) and 2) participation (25 points) in each subject.  
    • At the end of the semester, we total the number of points that the student has earned.  We then divide it by the number of points that the student could have earned to get the student's percentage for the class.
    For items such as writing pieces and projects that are graded, we hand out a rubric ahead of time. This rubric shows the students what we expect, how many points the item is worth, and how the item will be graded.
    Please let us know if you have any questions during the school year about grading.
    Mrs. Saravay and Mrs. Gillespie