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    Schedule:  AP English 4 (Blocks D, E, H); Introduction to Journalism (First Semester, Block B); Newspaper Workshop (Block C); Public Speaking (First Semester, Block A; Second Semester, Block F); Creative Writing (Second Semester, Block A)
    Contact Information: dladinski@bhpsnj.org/908-464-3100, ext. 2352
    Availability for Help: By Appointment (I am generally available during lunch.)
    Class Expectations: Please see google classroom for all class expectations and course descriptions.
    Grading Policy: Please see the course description document in google classroom for grading policies
    Where to find up to date HW assignments: All homework assignments are posted in the stream section of google classroom for each respective class. Additionally, reading schedules and assignments are posted in the "About" section of google classroom for AP English 4 classes.