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    Students entering Geometry may also work on:

            General Mission to complete.

            Advanced Mission to look at.

    When you choose the missions you want  (ex Geometry), the very first thing you'll see is "Mastery Challenge" in a blue green box.  This is the best way to go. If you finish all of the mastery challenges, you can then go to the other topics, which are listed below that blue green box.

    If you've done all of that, on the left of the screen it shows your progress as a percent in a circle.  Under that it says "Show all skills".  You can also get to specific topics through this link.  If you've finished mastery, this would be a good place to go for more specific practice.

    While this is only a recommendation and this assignment will not be checked or collected or graded, you will be TESTED on this material at some point within the first week and a half of school next year. It will not be on the first day. We will spend a day, maybe two, reviewing the content from the summer packet. Although we will review this material, we will not have time to teach you each of these topics from scratch before you are tested on them.

    ****Some of the most important skills that I will expect you to know are solving one-step and multi-step equations, Pythagorean Theorem, simplifying radicals, graphing a line, factoring, and solving systems of equations