• Schedule:
    Block A - AP Calculus AB
    Block B - AP Computer Science Principles
    Block C - Algebra 2 Honors
    Block E - AP Calculus BC
    Block F - AP Calculus AB
    Block H - AP Computer Science Java
    Availability for Help: 
    By appointment only 
    Class Expectations:
     Students are expected be prepared for class on a daily basis, ask and answer questions, collaborate,  and be actively engaged in class.  Students are responsible for material missed if absent and should see me with questions
    Grading Policy:
    Marking period grades are based on a total point system consisting of grades on tests, quizzes, projects, and homework assignments. Homework assignments are graded  based on completion.  Homework may be handed in one day late for half credit.
    Where to find up to date HW assignments:
    All current homework assignments, Powerpoint presentations, and other relevant documents are posted on Google Classroom.