• Schedule:  Block A:  Algebra 2
                      Block B:  Algebra 2 Honors
                      Block C:  SAT/ACT Review (semester 1)
                      Block D:  Algebra 2
                      Block F:  Math Strategies (semester 2)
                      Block G: Algebra 2 Honors
    Contact Information: *email is best* cbirstler@bhpsnj.org
    Availability for Help: Drop in extra help is provided before school and during lunch by the National Honor Society.  These sessions are available in the IMC.
    Class Expectations: Students are expected to attend class, participate in the lessons and complete homework assignments.  Students are expected to ask questions when they don't understand and to help others when they do. 
    It is important that students learn and are able to apply the concepts over time. Therefore, all assessments (Tests/Quizzes) will include material from previous topics.
    Grading Policy: 90% Assessments and other tasks                                                          
                                          This category will be calculated by points                                           
                                          Tests will count more heavily than quizzes
                                          Other tasks include  but are not limited to
                                          projects, math space
                                          and homework quizzes
                             10% Homework completion
                                           checked daily for completion
    Where to find up to date HW assignments: Google Classroom   should be updated daily (by a student) with homework assignments and classwork
                                                                                        see the google classroom codes below 
                         Block A:   z1rr94                     
                         Block B:   vnqkpa
                         Block C:   8dw8r5o
                         Block D:   vb0vuu
                         Block G:   1e2o0l