• Google Classroom


    Here you will find homework assignments, class assignments, links, games, videos and much more. Plus you will be able to communicate with me and each other. Use this site in addition to my teacher website.

    Instructions for Students to Join Google Classroom: 

    1.   Log in to your new Gmail account. In order to access it, you can use the following information.

    Username – Your current school email   first initial+ last name+ last two digits of high school graduation year@bhpsnj.org

    Password – 6 digit lunch code + Bh (this is case sensitive)

    Example – Username: jdoe22@bhpsnj.org               Password: 123456Bh


    2.   Go to classroom.google.com 


     3.   Click the + in the upper right corner, select join class, and use the following password for your block only.

    Block C = hdh8vb

    Block D = m12are

    Block F = 6btsaj7

    Block G =33inki

    Block H = zuk2a9