Ms. Stapperfenne's Class Syllabus 

               8th grade math  - Room B13            

     Email: mstapperfenne@bhpsnj.org   Phone: 908-464-1600 x1667

    Things to Bring to Class Every day


    1.   3-ring binder with dividers & paper

         2.   Pencils.  If you forget a pencil on exam day, you may borrow one from me, provided you leave collateral,  

               but not until I have passed out all exams, given all instructions and answered all questions.  

         3.   A pen/marker/colored pencil for corrections.

         4.   Earbuds/headphones

         5.   Bring a fully charged ipad to class each day.

         6.   A stylus is optional but recommended, especially when using Notability and Mathspace/Khan Academy.


    Things that Can Stay at Home


         1. Your calculator  - You do not have to bring your own calculator to class but you should have a basic  

             calculator for home use. (A scientific one, such as the TI-34XIIS is recommended) In school, the  

             Pre-algebra classes use the TI-34XIIS by Texas Instruments and the Algebra/Geometry classes use  

             the TI-84 graphing calculator.


         2. Your textbook - Our textbooks will be accessed in school via the iPad. You may leave your textbook at

              home since it is primarily used for homework  problems.


    Notebook  -   For this class, I recommend a thin ½ or 1 inch 3-ring loose-leaf binder since there will be many handouts.  I recommend 3 sections: Math Minutes, Homework, and Classwork.  


    Homework  - Upon entering the classroom, copy the homework assignment from the board. HW is generally posted on Google Classroom, but the most up-to-date information is on the board.  Homework will be assigned almost every day and often will be checked for completion. You will receive full credit if it is mostly complete, half credit for a clear attempt, and no credit for little or no effort. Homework is considered complete if all the questions are written down and your work and answers are clearly displayed. Half credit will be given if each problem was partially attempted or you only have half of it done. Half credit will also be given if you did not show work. Each time you miss an assignment, 5 points will be deducted from your homework grade. On occasion, I will collect and grade homework, provided that advanced notice is given.


    Submitting Homework - Each homework assignment should be submitted on Google Classroom. One option is to write down the homework in your notebook and submit a picture of the assignment. The other option is to create a notability document. This is especially useful if an assignment is a PDF document because you can write on the pdf directly and then upload it back to Classroom. Either way, the assignment must be submitted before the due date time and answer keys are posted in order to receive credit.


    Khan Academy Assignments -  Students may wish to use Khan Academy to see short videos on topics, try practice problems before a test and to supplement their learning in Mathspace.  



    MathSpace - MathSpace is an online adaptive program that guides students through Pre-Algebra/Algebra topics. This will be used to practice skills in class and out of class. Students should complete the required topics before the quiz on that topic.


    Math Minutes -  Most days, a short assignment or instructions will be posted on the board. If it is an action, do it. Otherwise, quietly begin the assignment in your seat after you’ve copied your homework down. If it is a problem, I recommend writing it in the “Math Minutes” section of your notebook because the problems review or expand on previous material and you can see if you are understanding the topic.


    Absence from Class  -  If you miss school, check Google Classroom for assignment updates. You should come in during EP to receive any missed class work. You can find handouts and activities that you missed in the absent folder for your class. You are expected to make up the activities/quizzes/tests within the amount of time you were absent. For example, a person who has missed three days of class should make up the work within three days. EP is the best time to see me for help on missed material. If you are absent on the day before a test or quiz ("review" day) but have been present for all new material, you are still expected to take the quiz as scheduled should you return the next day. You can also watch videos at www.khanacademy.org or www.mathspace.co or in the online textbook at www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com.  If you are in school but not in class because of band, chorus, or other in school activities, you must still submit any homework assignments due that day as well as make up the assignments you missed in class. You must submit the work due that day on Classroom. If it’s something you need to hand in physically, you should do so before your lesson or during EP or lunch on that day if you want the assignment to be on time.


    Grading Policy -  The marking period grade is primarily based on tests and quizzes, but also includes labs, homework, written reflections and projects. Grades are calculated as a fraction: Total points earned / Total points available. I generally give the following types of assessments:


    1. “mini” quizzes, on 1 – 2 topics, that take less than 20 minutes, and are worth about 10 – 50 points.

    2. Quizzes on more topics, that take most, if not all, of the class period, and are worth 50 – 100 points.

    3. Tests, which are given at the end of every chapter, take a class period, and are worth 100 points.

    4.  Projects and Labs - 10 - 100 points depending on the depth and length of the project or lab.


    Any assessment can contain material from previous topics or mathematics classes in order to ensure retention. Depending on the assessment, it can range from a few questions to most of the test.


    Consequences -  There are consequences for any disruptive or disrespectful behavior in class. Consequences depend on the frequency and severity of the offense. Consequences may include warnings, staying after class, notification of parents and before/after school or lunch teacher detentions. For any major offense, a code of conduct will be issued.


    Website:   My website can be accessed through the CMS homepage (www. bhpsnj.org/columbia). Click on the staff websites link and then click on my name.


    Contacting Ms. Stapperfenne: mstapperfenne@bhpsnj.org. or 908-464-1600 x1667


    I look forward to getting to know you and helping you learn as much as possible this year.