• Thomas P. Hughes Elementary School is home to students in grades two through five in Berkeley Heights. Along with ensuring the delivery of a rigorous academic curriculum, our staff strives to support each student’s social and interpersonal development as they progress through the grade levels and on to middle school.
    Our literacy program is a balanced program that carefully integrates shared, guided and individual reading with a focus on phonetic instruction at the lower grades. The liberal use of quality literature in our reading program works in tandem with our writing workshop curriculum. Students are exposed to the structure and craft of various authors so they may emulate these skills in their own writing. Reading and writing are developmental skills that are enhanced by such immersion in high quality literature.

    The math curriculum focuses on building proficiency with basic number concepts as well as developing critical thinking skills. Students must be able to calculate, but must also demonstrate the ability to solve complex problems and explain their rationale.

    In Science and Social Studies, students participate actively through experiments, current events, and connections to their own lives. Making these connections is what helps students internalize the desired concepts and be able to appropriately apply their knowledge.

    Also critical to the development of the whole child are the experiences provided to our students through their related arts classes. Art, Library, Music, Computers, Spanish, and Physical Education are all a valued part of the students’ school week. We also continue to provide clubs and activities such as student council, drama club, computer club and writing club to enhance the students’ overall experience.

    Individual differences are embraced at Hughes. As such, we continue to provide a number of services in the areas of student enrichment, English as a Second Language, literacy and math support, speech and language services, and diverse special education services. Our staff is committed to the success of all students.

    Our valuable Parent Teacher Organization adds to our sense of community by providing cultural arts programs and in-class professional presentations to supplement the curriculum. In addition, they continue to provide outstanding support of our school through their immensely successful fund-raising efforts. Our students clearly benefit from the strong home-school connection!

    In addition, Hughes School has many important ties to the community. Throughout the year, our students participate in several service projects to raise money and collect items for various agencies. They also provide artwork for a local hospital, and participate in an annual walk-a-thon. Through these connections, students learn the importance of being part of a community.


    Ms. Jessica Nardi
    (908) 464-1717