We invite all seniors to join their classmates to celebrate their graduation achievement together at Project Graduation 2022!
    Project Graduation is an all-night, alcohol and drug-free celebration for graduating seniors - a tradition at Governor Livingston since 1989. Project Graduation receives no funding from the school budget. Monies to support this $35,000 yearly event are raised through fundraisers, grants, business, professional, and parent donations and participant contributions. This year Project Graduation will be held at the Branchburg Sports Complex in Brachburg Twsp and is sure to be a great evening for all.
    Immediately following graduation, students report to the GLHS cafeteria entrance area for check-in. All participants are required to ride the buses to and from Branchburg Sports Complex. Once at BSC, participants are not allowed to leave early, unless there are exceptional circumstances AND arrangements were made in writing (in advance) by parents/guardians. Parents/guardians are responsible for providing transportation home after the buses return the students to GL around 2:45 AM on June 22nd.

    Planning is already underway for Project Graduation 2022. Attached is a list of chairs for each Project Graduation event.
    Contact Jeanie Ruban, Project Graduation Coordinator, at J.Ruban@verizon.net or 908-578-0492 if you would like to help.

    Project Graduation 2021-2022

     Jeanie Ruban

    Angela Bekker

    Recording Secretary
    Chrissy Kiesewetter

    Data Management: process orders, oversee order spreadsheet

    Angela Bekker, Amy Radick

    Graduation Seat Raffle: Coordinates all aspects of the raffle: obtaining permit, ticket printing & sales
    Venessa Rittman

    Senior Breakfast
    Amy Radick,Jenn Doll

    Graduation Lawn Signs: Handles design, sales, ordering, and distribution.
    Christina Ervin

    Bingo Prizes Coordinator: Purchasing prizes for bingo at PG
    Venessa Rittman, Linda Haines

    PG Entertainment Coordinator: Works with party planner and entertainment representatives to coordinate entertainment for the event.
    Sue Patterson, Julie Demarco, Shana Hopeck

    Paver Way: Jennifer Aponte, Anne Woodard

    Prom Fashion Show :
    Brenda Gyory, Heather O'Rourke, Doreen Pitt, Chrissy Kiesewetter, Amy Radick, Patti Filiaci, Ann Labisi, Susan Ebel, Barbara Bager, Michelle Monaghan

    PG night food committee: Works with the venue to pick out food at the venue.
    Jacinta DaSilva

    Update Senior Mailing: goes out at the end of January - must have Publisher
    Anne Woodard

    PG Venue Coordinator: Coordinates and oversees vendors, entertainment, activities and food at Project Graduation; must be available before and during PG event
    Michelle Tilyou

    Coordinator for PG at GL: Use prior set up charts to assign chaperones to designated areas
    Amy Radick
    Jennifer Doll

    Senior Picnic Coordinators: coordinate senior picnic during lunch on the day of the senior prom
    Sue Tracy and Renee Napoli

    Food Coordinator for PG at GL: Pizza, water and chips
    Natalie Zuzovsky

    Apply For Watts Foundation Grant:
    Venessa Rittman

    PG Slide Show: Charles Santore Jr.

    Committee Members at Large
    Lisa Fabio, Debbie Koutsaftes, Marissa Torres

    Important Dates:
    6/21- Project Graduation Event at Branchburg Sports Complex

    PG 21-22 Meeting Dates - all meetings will be virtual and will take place at 7:30pm

    10/6, 11/10, 1/12, 2/9, 3/9, 4/27, 5/11, 6/8

    Commemorate your favorite GL student, teacher, coach, or other staff member by ordering a Highlander Way paver in their honor. Now taking orders for installation in Spring 2022. Deadline for orders for the spring installation is March 31, 2022. Orders received after the deadline will not be installed until Spring 2023. Click the link to order:

    Highlander Paver Order Form


    Senior Mailer

    While students are waiting to board the buses for Project Graduation, they will have the opportunity to view a slideshow of memories.
    While you are looking for pictures for the Yearbook , it is a perfect time to pick out pictures for the video.
    Please label them with the YEAR , so they can be organized accordingly and forward scanned pictures to:
    Pictures will be accepted until May 1, 2022; except for GL related photos.... prom, picnic, etc. but PLEASE don’t wait until the last minute.We’d like to work on the video throughout the year. Photos can be emailed to :