• Mathematics AP Summer Assignments

    Please read the attached documents and also add the Google Classroom codes.
    Google Classroom Codes
    AP Statistics 2021:  5pztflg
    AP Statistics and Discrete Math 2021: es3jghz
    AP Calculus AB Summer Assignment 2021: gc7dzqi
    AP Calculus BC Summer Assignment 2021: vvrhlyr
    AP Calculus AB/BC Summer Assignment Overview
    Algebra and trigonometry skills are essential to your success in AP Calculus. The summer assignment focuses on a review of those skills. This assignment consists of two parts. Part 1 is based online using Khan Academy. Part 2 entails some additional topics that were not sufficiently addressed in Khan Academy. Complete instructions will be available on Google Classroom.

    AP Statistics, AP Statistics & Discrete Math

    Although the AP Statistics course is part of the math curriculum at GL, this is not a typical math class. Interpretation and judgment are more important than calculation; writing and thinking will play an important role.

    Over the summer you are expected to master the material in the first unit of this course, Describing Data. We will discuss the key ideas from these chapters briefly over the first few days of class and take a test about one week into the course. Students will read the first two chapters of The Cartoon Guide To Statistics, watch several videos, compile a list of definitions, and complete a problem set. You should complete the definitions and problem set in legible handwriting (not typed), and submit a PDF of your work to Google Classroom by August 17. Partial credit will be given for late work.  

    True collaboration is encouraged. Copying work from a classmate is cheating and will result in a zero (and a poor first impression).

    Complete Instructions and materials will be available in Google Classroom by mid-June.