•  Google Classroom 

    Dear Parents and Students,
    Students will be using the online platform Google Classroom in French class this year. Daily lessons, including ALL homework assignments, videos, resources, teacher notes, projects and due dates will be found posted here. Parents, do not hesitate to log into your student's account to check out their assignments. Parents are also included to sign up as “guardians” to the google classroom account. By doing this, you will receive weekly emails with updates on assignments. 
    Instructions for Google Classroom 
    1. Login to Google Chrome with your Google Account
    2. Login with your Berkeley Heights account name (first initial last name graduation year @bhpsnj.org) example acombe00@bhpsnj.org
    Graduation Years: 
    9th- 26
    10th- 25
    11th- 24  
    12th- 23
    3. Enter your password (6 digit lunch code and then Bh) example 123456Bh
    5. Click on create account as "student" (if an account has not yet been created)
    6. Click the + button and "join" a class.
    7. Enter the appropriate class code found below (this only needs to be done the first time)
    Block A AP French: ewq6pv2 
    Block B French 3/ French 3 honors: 3w267dy 
    Block C French 2/ French 2 honors: 46t4evb 
    Block D French 2/ French 2 honors: kh6ad5n 
    Block F French 4/French 4 honors: 5gmfxij 
    Block H French 4/ French 4 honors: ef4fxlf