Deaf and Hard of Hearing Percussion Ensemble


    C1 Taiko S1 C2 C3

    This class offers a creative musical experience for students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Throughout the course, students learn the following: how to read music, basic music theory concepts, the history of percussion, and different percussion instrument techniques. The students will be a part of and perform in the renowned drum circle.

    An important aspect of music is being able to count notes and rhythms. The students will be able to sign the rhythms, which helps with understanding the specific vibrations they feel. 

    Some activities include Balloon Dictation and Performing with Sound Activated Lights. The balloons vibrate very well while striking a drum. This makes it easier for the students to feel the music beat. The lights make the music visible for the students.

    As students progress through the course they become more confident as musicians. Depending on their skill levels, some of the students who take DHH Percussion also join GLHS Concert Band and Percussion Ensemble.


    Click here to see the percussion group in action:  News 12 Showcase