• Birthday Procedures
     Happy Birthday
    The children in Room 203 celebrate their birthdays in a very special way.  At the beginning of the day, the class sings a very enthusiastic rendition of Happy Birthday to the birthday child.  The birthday child receives a bookmark, certificate, crown, and pencil.  A $5.00 gift card to Zita's Ice Cream palor in New Providence is also given to the birthday child.  During the day, we watch a video called Birthday Hooray at www.gonoodle.com in honor of the birthday child. 
    Please note that distributing food or items, such as goody bags, are NOT permitted at school.
    Birthday invitations may be distributed at school if EVERY student in OUR CLASS is invited to your child's birthday.  If every student is not invited to your child's birthday, then please send all invitations in the mail.
    Children born in the summer may celebrate their half-birthdays at school or they may celebrate their birthdays in June.  Please email me at jprupis@bhpsnj.org or send a note to school informing me how your child would like to celebrate her or his summer birthday.