• Conscious Discipline: Big Voice

     Big Voice

    The first graders in Room 203 learned an important strategy when solving problems with other children.  We read aloud Shubert’s Big Voice by Dr. Becky A. Bailey.  In the story, Shubert discovers that his voice has power when he has a problem with another classmate.  Shubert says the powerful words "I don't like it" using a strong, clear, big voice.  These assertive words helped Shubert solve his problem.  After reading the story, we discussed using our words and not our hands to solve problems.  The children practiced saying the powerful words "I don't like it" using a big voice.  One example we heard was, “I don’t like it when you take my pen.  Give it back.”  We will develop this skill throughout the year.  I encourage you to visit www.consciousdiscipline.com for more information about this problem solving strategy.