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    Posted by Karen Talbot on 10/10/2019 9:10:00 AM

    Dear Parents, junior and senior male students,

    Did you know that registration for Selective Service is required of males within 30 days of their 18th birthday?  Registration is not only a legal requirement, but a civic duty and a key component of our national defense readiness.

    To help young men register, they need only to go to SSS.gov.  Preregistration can take place at 17 years and 3 months of age, and their registration will be held until they reach age 18. 

    Why is this important?  Because tens of thousands of men turn 26 years of age every year who failed to register.  By then the registration door is permanently closed, as is their ability to receive federally funded college loans and grants; are unable to get into federally funded training and certification programs; are barred from all federal employment; ineligible for many state and local government jobs; and all immigrants will have a 5-year delay in processing their citizenship application.  Forty-five seconds online registering at SSS.gov has the potential to save years of missed opportunities, potential growth, and success.


    So, please remember:

    • It takes just 45 seconds to register online at SSS.gov
    • It’s the law and registering can save a man a lifetime of headaches. Benefits lost by failing to register include access to:
    1. College loans and grants
    2. Job training programs
    3. All federal, postal employment, and many state, municipal and contractor jobs
    4. Delays in citizenship process up to five years
    • Online and print material is available at https://www.sss.gov/Resourses/Resourses



    From The Director of the U.S. Selective Service, Donald M. Benton



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