• Berkeley Heights Public Schools

    Clausen Administrative Complex

    345 Plainfield Avenue

    Berkeley Heights, Union County, New Jersey 07922



    September 2022


    Dear Parent/Guardian:


    The process for adding funds to your child’s account may incur fees. 


    If you choose to add money directly from your computer, tablet or phone, you can continue to add money to the account; however, it will incur a processing fee.


    There are new fee charges effective September 6, 2022, as shown below. Our service provider is facing increasing operating costs, including increased processing fees charged by the major card brands.


    • Credit card payments will incur a convenience fee of 4.50% on deposits of $50.00 or more.


    • There is a fixed fee of $1.65 for deposits under $24.99.


    • The fixed fee for deposits between $25.00 and $49.99 is $2.00.


    • ACH electronic checking debits to add to your child’s balance will incur a flat fee of $1.75 for each deposit transaction.


    To avoid these fees, you can continue to send in a check or cash to be added to your child’s account.  There will be no processing fee, regardless of the amount you send in.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Crissy Figueroa, Food Service Director, at 908-464-1601 x1920.