Returned checks due to insufficient funds will incur a $20.00 fee.


    How much is a full lunch?

    Elementary Schools & MKM ECC Full Lunch is $4.50 Daily

    Columbia Middle School Full Lunch is $4.95 Daily  

    Governor Livingston HS Full Lunch is $4.95 Daily    


    What are the advantages of QSP POS system?
    This system speeds up the service for your child and all students as well as provides a better accountability of lunches for the district. No need to find cash in the morning for your students on the go, no more lost lunch money, and no more wondering “Where did my change go?”.

    Is this a cashless system?

    No, Cash is still accepted in all schools! The pre-pay by check and credit card system is simply an option to utilize for the convenience of not having to send in a student with lunch money daily or worry about monies being lost/forgotten. Some parents prefer to send in students with cash daily, and keep an “emergency fund” loaded onto their students account in the event the student lost their money or would like to purchase a second lunch.


    What is my child’s cafeteria PIN number?
    This number is their 6-digit Powerschool Log-In number. Parents have their own Powerschool Log-In, however a parents number will not be active in the cafeteria—the student must use his/her own 6-digit Powerschool Log-In that acts as their café PIN number. This is NOT the number needed to add a student on www.payschoolscentral.com (see Student ID#)

    What is my child’s Student ID number?
    The Student ID number is a unique number that is given to each child within the district. This is NOT your students Lunch PIN#. It is better known as a Local ID # (LID) and is needed in order to add a student on

    How can I see what my child is purchasing?
    Monitor the balance and purchases on your students account by registering with
    www.payschoolscentral.com even if you don’t intend to use this as a payment option. It may be used as a monitoring tool only.


    As a parent, what are the benefits to using PayForIt.net?
    There are many benefits to you when you use payschoolscentral.com including:

    1. Ability to deposit money on your child’s account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    2. Set automatic payments so you don’t forget to put money on the account

    3. Set balance alerts so you are notified before your child's account runs out of money

    4. Monitor their meal and a la carte purchases

    5. Prevent your child from misplacing their money


    I just loaded money onto my child’s account using my credit card, does it post immediately?
    No, the money posted using www.payschoolscentral.com is not available immediately which is why we encourage auto-reload options or using this service well in advance, as the system only updates a few times a day, every few hours—we do not have control over this aspect of the system so it is best not to re-load accounts at the last minute.

    I put too much on my one students account--Can I transfer to their sibling?
    Absolutely! Please submit your request in writing to the Food Service Director indicating the student’s full names and schools. Or call, (908) 464-5993 to make this request.


    My son texted me that he’d like to buy his friend a drink—can he give the friend his PIN # to make the purchase?

    Students are not allowed to use/share accounts under any circumstances. If someone would like to purchase an item for someone else, the owner of the account must be present at the time of sale, or the sale will be refused.



    Is there a service fee for submitting a check to the school?
    There is no fee for loading a student’s account with cash or check and through this method, funds are available immediately.


    To whom to I make a check payable?
    Please make checks payable to ‘Berkeley Heights Board of Education Cafeteria Account’. (Or, the abbreviated version is acceptable: BH BOE Café Account)


    I have more than one student at a school, can I write one check for the both of them?

    We kindly request that one check is made out for EACH student.



    What happens to money remaining on the account at the end of the school year?
    Any money remaining on the account is rolled over to the next school year, and follows the students as they move to new schools. Graduating seniors may transfer their remaining balance to a siblings account or request the monies in writing from Board of Education, business office. However, to avoid added paperwork, we ask that seniors monitor their balances and don’t reload large amounts towards the end of the year, and run their accounts out.



    I set up my student’s account to automatically reload—it’s the month of June, and it didn’t reload, why?

    Towards the end of the school year, the automatic-reload feature shuts off as a courtesy to those who may not necessarily want their student’s accounts to reload with large amounts of money to sit over the summer. Monies can still be loaded onto accounts using cash, check or one-time payments using payschoolscentral.com


    I have a question about charges on my child’s account, who should I contact?
    If you have questions about a specific charge on your student's account, you should contact the Food Service Director at pomptonian@bhpsnj.org. If you have a question concerning a payment you processed through www.payschoolscentral.com
    , please send them an email using the ‘Contact Us’ screen on the website.


    I have another question not listed here, whom should I contact?

    Questions /concerns about anything related to Food Services are always welcome. Please contact your Food Service Director at Crissy Figueroa