Dear 2022-23 SPRING SPORTS SEASON ONLY Student-Athletes and families:

    Instructions for student-athletes participating in SPRING Sports only  

    All Athletic registrations required to participate in High School Interscholastic Sports are now online (excluding Physical & Health History Update Forms).   

    Online Registration through FormReLeaf will open for the 2022-23 SPRING  Season on Monday, January 9, 2023- due by Thursday February 16, 2023

    Instructions for student-athletes participating in sports during the 2022-23 school year.


    The 3 step process!

    Step 1- Complete the online sports registration- Form ReLeaf (SPRING Sports only at this time):

    Log on to this link and scroll down for sign up:


    Please note this will take you to the page you are already on- scroll down to continue!

    • If you do not already have an account with FormReleaf. Click on "SIGN UP" located at the upper right-hand corner of this page.
    • Register as an individual and create your account
    • On the Top menu bar select “Find Organization”
    • Search for Governor Livingston and Click On “School Name”
    • Click on the “Sport Season” you wish to register for
    • Click the appropriate sport, please check each sport your child is planning on participating during the 2022-23 SPRING Sports only at this time and fill in all relevant questions. (any question with a red star is required to complete registration)
    • When finished click “Submit” located in lower right hand corner

    Please call Form ReLeaf Tech Support if you need further assistance @ 1-844-367-6735

    • Full time Union Magnet/ Vo-Tech Students are able to register by using the link above.


    Step 2A- Complete the NJDOE Pre-Participation Evaluation Form (PPE/Sports Physical).  Each sports physical is only valid for 365 days in New Jersey.   Please work to procure a Doctor’s Appointment to complete your child’s sports physical paperwork (Pre-Participation Evaluation Forms-PPE).  Continuing to apply in 2022-23: We have worked with our School District Doctor, Care Station, to offer Sports Physicals at their Springfield Office location (90 US-22, Springfield Township, NJ 07081).  Please use this option if you are unable to get an appointment at your Doctor's Office.  Call the Springfield Office at (908) 925-2273, they are ready to take appointments.  Indicate that you are a Governor Livingston High School Student-Athlete and bring your Pre-participation Evaluation Form to be completed by the Doctor.  Please be reminded that if your child is an incoming freshman or a student looking to participate in SPRING Sport for the first time this school year– they must receive a sport physical in order to participate

    Print the NJDOE Pre-participation Evaluation Forms (PPE/Sports Physical), have the forms completed by your doctor and signed. 

    Use the following link to print the PPE/Sports Physical form:


    (Physical Examination Form- must be completed by a certified Cardiac Module Doctor.)

    Scan the completed PPE form and email the signed completed form to GLSportsregistration@bhpsnj.org


    The addition of scanning the forms will allow for contactless submission of the required Sports Registration Forms


    Additional Details:

    The Health History Form must be completed by parents/guardians.

    All YES answers on the History Form must be explained.

    ·         All cardiac history or testing (ECG, EKG, Echocardiogram, etc.) noted on the History Form requires cardiac clearance by the student athlete’s doctor.

    The Athlete with Special Needs: Supplemental History Form- needs to be completed by parents/guardians, even if the student-athlete does not have special needs.  The form has important questions that must be answered by all student-athletes.


    If the student-athlete requires emergency medication (EpiPen or inhaler), forms including permission for self-administration, completed by the private physician are required.  Any student requiring medication must submit the appropriate paperwork to the Health Office prior to the start of preseason. Medication Forms:


    Please note that this process MUST be completed in a timely fashion.  The Berkeley Heights School District Doctor (Care Station) must sign off and approve all physical forms prior to a student-athlete being cleared to participate.  Pre-Participation Physical Evaluations (PPE) performed by a private doctor will need to be reviewed and sign off/approved by Berkeley Heights School District Doctor (Care Station).  This process can take up to 10 days.


    Step 2B- Complete online and print the NJDOE Updated Health History Updated Questionnaire and parents/guardians should complete the form.   This form only requires parents/guardians signatures.

    Use the following link to print the form:




    Scan the completed Updated Health History Updated Questionnaire Form and email the signed completed form to GLSportsregistration@bhpsnj.org


    The addition of scanning the forms will allow for contactless submission of the required Sports Registration Forms


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email the Health Office (jringwood@bhpsnj.org) and (908) 464-3100 ext. 2530.  Messages will be checked regularly over the summer. 

    Step 3- Complete the Sports, Clubs and Activities Fee

    PaySchools Central- same as 2021-22 school year!

    Log on to the site:   payschoolscentral.com


    PaySchools will continue to be the online application for the collection of Athletic/Clubs and Activities fees.  The BHPS/Governor Livingston High School is upgrading to the latest and greatest online payment product, PaySchools Central!  While the upgrade is intended to be seamless, PaySchools Central wants to make sure our Highlander Nation is aware of the specifics of the transition.

    Once logged in- Click on the Optional Fees Tab and scroll down to the following:

    Sports, Clubs and Activities participation fee- 1 time per year   $150.00  (Please click the small i in the circle for the Fee Details).  Please note this is a 1 time fee for the entire school year for all Athletic participation

    FOR 1st time users follow these directions:

    The BHPS/Governor Livingston High School has selected the PaySchools Central payment portal for parents/guardians to remit the Sports, Clubs, and Activities Participation Fee ($150.00).

    1. Create your account using your computer or tablet at: payschoolscentral.com

    2. If you want to use your phone, download the PaySchools Central App on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

    3. Complete account registration by selecting register, entering your profile details, setting up your password via the email link the site will send you, then logging in.

    4. Add your children to your account using the student’s Governor Livingston PowerSchool student (ID) number found by clicking into the Demographic Update page in the parent portal of PowerSchool.  Following Name (last, first MI) you will find the student (ID) number.  In addition, the PowerSchool student (ID) number has been shared via school district communications.  Magnet/Vo-Tech Student-Athletes- please reference below.

    5. If you would like, enter credit card and/or banking information as forms of payment to use with your PaySchools Central account or simply plan to use guest checkout when the time comes.  Rest assured that PaySchools is PCI-compliant and maintains industry-standard SSL certifications, ensuring all your family's data is safe and secure.

    Please click on the Optional Fees Tab and scroll down to the following:

    Sports, Clubs and Activities participation fee- 1 time per year $150.00 (Please click the small i in the circle for the Fee Details).  Please note this is a school district applied fee.

    Please note that if there are any questions- contact PaySchools Central at 877-393-6628 or email: psc_help@payschools.com.


    All Magnet School Students will need to submit a $150.00 check for the participation fee to:

    Berkeley Heights Board of Education Business Office- Pay to Play Fee/Att. Nancy Floyd

    345 Plainfield Avenue

    Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

    Please add your child’s name and sport in the memo section of the check

    UCVTS Students do not receive a Power School ID number from Governor Livingston High School, therefore they are unable to use the online PaySchools Central Site. 

    All PaySchools Central processing and/or fee questions should be directed to the Berkeley Heights Board of Education- Business Office/ Nancy Floyd at nfloyd@bhpsnj.org


    Please note that once a student-athlete has cleared the 3 Step process- you will receive an email indicating your child has been cleared to participate in athletics.  Please DO NOT have your student-athlete report to practice until you have received the clearance email.

    Check-off list for you and please remember the SPRING Sports Registrations are due by Thursday 2/16/23:

    __________ Step 1- complete your child’s online sports registration- Form ReLeaf (SPRING SPORTS ONLY)

    __________ Step 2 (A/B)- complete your child’s pre-participation evaluation form (including medications forms- if required) and complete the Health History Update Questionnaire.  (2 tasks)

    __________ Step 3- complete your child’s Sports Activity Fee via the Pay Schools Central Site (please contact the business office with inquiries).



    Deadlines for completing the 2023 SPRING Sports Registration Process- Thursday, February 16, 2023!!!  Remember we will be accepting SPRING SPORTS Registrations at this time:

    (Please note the Form ReLeaf site is opened as of 1/9/23- for Spring Sport Registration)

    No one may participate in tryouts/practices without an approved New Jersey Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (PPE)that has been signed off by the Berkeley Heights School Doctor- Care Station. 


    Thank you as always for being the best of the best and willing to champion the Highlander Way of working through challenges together.  




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