New Jersey

The district's central office is located at 345 Plainfield Ave. in Berkeley Heights. It is housed in a red building on the same campus of Columbia Middle School. The superintendent's office, human resources, the business office, transportation, food services, the child study team, and the district supervisors' offices are all located in this building. All staff can be reached by dialing 908-464-1718 and then entering the extension below.
Superintendent's Office
Name Extension Position
Judith Rattner 1000 Superintendent of Schools
Scott McKinney 1000 Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Thomas Long 1030 Assistant to the Superintendent
Trudy Kowalski 1000 Secretary
Linda Kantrowitz 1020 Secretary
Department of Special Services
Name Extension Position
Michele Gardner
1800 Director of Special Education
Kevin Morra 1800  Supervisor of Special Education, District Summer School, 6-12 In-District Sp Ed Programs, 6-12 Special Ed Teachers, 6-12 Special Ed Aides, 6-12 testing/APA, District HIB
Directors & Supervisors
Name Extension Position
Ashley Janosko 2600
K- 12 Director of Guidance, 9-12 Testing, Nursing, SAC
Drew Ziobro 1710 District Supervisor 6-12 Math, 6-12 BSI, 9-12 Business, 6-12 Practical Arts, 6-12 F & Con Science, K12 ELL, K-12 Math Assessments

James Finley
1720 District Supervisor, 6-12 Science, K-8 Computers, K-12 Art, K-12 Science Assessments
Laurie Scott 1740 District Supervisor 6-12 Language Arts, K-12 Media Specialists, K-12 Music, 6-12 BSI, K-12 LAL Asessments
 Stephen Hopkins  1750  District Supervisor 6-12 Social Studies, 1-12 World Language, K-12 SS Assessments
 Ann Clifton  2545
Athletic Director 6-12 PE/Health Athletic Trainer
Business Office
Name Extension Position
Donna Felezzola 1400 Business Administrator & Board Secretary
Lisa McAdam 1450 Assistant Board Secretary
Anthony Amiano 1470 Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds
Christina Gmyrek 1920 Food Services Director
Marylin Scarpati 1420 Payroll & Benefits
Alicia Bongiovanni 1410 Accounts Payable
Cathy Pitingolo 1400 Secretary to the Business Office
Kelly Sheehan 1910 Transportation Coordinator