Strong communication skills* Willingness to lead* Strong sense of responsibility* Dependability* Willingness to take risks* Positive role model* Self-confident and self-directed* Respect for diverse ideas and personalities* ENTHUSIASM!!! 
    • You must be entering 11th or 12th grade to apply to be a Link Crew Leader.
    1) Development Day (June)
    2) Summer Training Day Date (late August)
    3) Freshmen Orientation Date (late August)
    In addition, you will be expected to participate in meetings and volunteer for events, as announced throughout the 2015-2016 school year.  
    WHAT IS THE APPLICATION PROCESS? Please note that all chosen candidates must attend ALL mandatory Link Crew Leader events (above). This will be a competitive selection process with limited positions. We therefore encourage you to take the necessary time to thoughtfully complete the application. Accepted candidates will be invited to participate in a group interview. ***Please be advised that your attendance, including number of tardies to school, will be considered as part of your application. If you have a significant number of unexcused lates and/or absences from school, you may not be granted an interview. For returning leaders: The number of Link Crew Activities that you participated in during the previous school year will also be considered as part of your application. If you have any questions, please feel free to see one of our Link Crew Coordinators.
    WHAT IS LINK CREW'S DISCIPLINE POLICY?  Please be advised that, as a Link Crew Leader, your behavior must always be that of a positive role model. Students who are referred for discipline issues (including tardiness to school) resulting in an assigned office detention, administrative (Wednesday) detention, or suspension may be removed from the program. This policy is in effect from the time you submit your application through, if selected, the term of your service as a Leader. If you have any questions about this policy, please see one of our Link Crew coordinators.
    HOW DO I ACCESS THE APPLICATION? The application will be shared via email in the winter.
    HOW MANY LINK CREW LEADERS ARE THERE AT GLHS?  The number of  Link Crew Leaders selected each year depends on the number of incoming 9th grade students we have each year.