• The Special Services Department provides various research-based programs to students with disabilities. Some of our programs include:
    Deaf/Hard of Hearing
    Governor Livingston High School maintains a comprehensive program for deaf/hard of hearing students that includes Educational Interpreters, Speech-Language Therapy, optional self-contained classes with a Teacher of the Deaf in all major academic content areas and three levels of American Sign Language (which fulfills the NJDOE's world language requirements). For more, see NJDeafProgram.com
    Community-Based Instruction
    Integrated into the Life & Vocational Strategies courses, Governor Livingston High School offers students the opportunity to learn and participate in their local community. This includes visits to local businesses, practice with public transportation and work in local businesses with the support of a job coach. Students are able to confidently secure the skills needed to be independently employed post-high school.
    Applied Behavior Analysis
    The Mary Kay McMillin Early Childhood Center, Mountain Park Elementary School and Columbia Middle School offer classrooms for students with more significant learning, behavior and social needs based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. This includes the support of a speech-language therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist and a full time behaviorist.
    The district also offers a full array of programming options for students with disabilities including supplementary aides/services, in-class resource support, resource room support and self-contained support. 
    For information on any of the district's specialized programs, contact the Director of Special Services, Mrs. Michele Gardner, at mgardner@bhpsnj.org.