• Columbia Middle School Music

    7th & 8th Grade Band



    Mrs. Bartolick

    Room 104


    Course Description

    Band is a full year performance ensemble that dedicates itself to rehearsing and performing music that is educational, fun, and entertaining.  Together the students and I work together to advance our skills and develop true musicianship.  In class we will work on intonation, balance, dynamics, rhythms, tone, and interpretation.  Band meets on Days 1, 3 and 4 during A block.  Students will also attend a group lesson on a rotating schedule approximately once every 10 days or so.


    Student Expectations

    1. Come to class on time or with a pass.

    2. Always have their instruments, music, method books and a pencil.

    3. Method book needed for lessons is “Accent on Achievement” book 3.

    4. Stop playing when the director has stopped and listen carefully for directions and comments.

    5. Raise their hands to speak.

    6. Clearly mark the student’s name on his/her instrument with a name tag/luggage tag.  

    7. Keep their instruments safe.  It is their responsibility to know where their instrument is at all times.  The school is not responsible for missing or damaged instruments.  Do not leave your cases in the hallway.  They need to be put in the band room storage closet in a cubby up off of the floor.

    8. Keep the band room neat.  Do not leave reeds, drumsticks, or spit from instruments on the floor.  Use the garbage can to empty your spit valves.

    9. Always have extra (3) reeds, valve oils, lubricants in your case.

    10. Practice daily.

    11. Please write down your instrument’s serial number somewhere at home in case an instrument goes missing.

    12. Attend all mandatory performances/concerts (Winter Concert and Spring Concert).

    13. Show respect and have a positive attitude.

    14. Have fun!


    Concert Dates:  Please post these dates on your calendar so there is no scheduling conflict in the future.

    Winter Concert, January 17, 2023 (snow date 26th) @ 7:00 pm

    Spring Concert, May 2, 2023 @ 7:00 pm



    Grades will be based on points accumulated through lessons, preparedness, playing tests, performances and participation.

    Playing Tests (25%) will take place during lessons and will consist of assessment of scales, arpeggios, technical exercises and sections of our repertoire.

    Performances/Rehearsals (50%) are mandatory (unless you’re scheduled for chorus or orchestra) and graded.

    Participation (25%) Students will receive a participation grade based on active and positive contributions to class.  Being tardy, disruptive, or unprepared will cost you participation points for that quarter.


    You will receive full credit for a performance or rehearsal assuming you are on time, have all required materials, and are not a disruption.  

    Any absence from a performance or rehearsal must be excused by myself at least 24 hours before the event.  If you are not at an event and have not been excused, the highest grade you can receive is a 75. 



    In addition to band ensemble, students receive group lessons on a rotating schedule (usually occurring once every 10 days or so).  The lesson program is essential to the success of the ensemble, and your child’s music development on their instrument.  It builds the foundation for their musicianship and fuels the Band.  During lessons, students work on scales, technique, breathing, exercises in their method books and some band music.  Students are required to let their teachers know of their lesson the day before it.  If a student cannot make a lesson due to a test only, it is their responsibility to talk to me first to see if we can arrange a make up.  Our schedules are very tight, so it is not always possible to do so.



    Students are expected to be at all lessons, classes and performances.  An unexcused absence will result in discipline actions in accordance to the School Handbook’s attendance policy.  This can easily be avoided through good communication.  I am very understanding when it comes to student’s academic challenges.  Please communicate your needs with me!


    Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


    Mrs. Helen Bartolick