• Team Representative Responsibilities (all described in more detail below):

    • Manage team funds
      • Obtain approval for fundraising
      • Obtain approval for purchasing and vendor payments from team account
      • Maintain spreadsheet of team funds
    • Serve as liaison between the HBC, the coaching staff and the team
      • Establish an active player roster for players on all three levels (Freshman, JV, Varsity)
      • Recruit team parent for freshman and junior varsity squads
      • Disseminate pertinent team information (as provided by coaches, Athletic Director, HBC or other parties) to varsity team and freshman/JV team parents
      • Provide photographs for showcase
      • Provide blurbs for Booster Blast
      • Coordinate and provide team basket for Fall Fundraiser
      • Ensure continuity between seasons  
    • Coordinate team activities
      • Coordinate “Senior Night” festivities
      • Coordinate End of Season banquet



    You are responsible for any fundraising or purchasing for your team as well as maintaining a spreadsheet of team funds.  All forms described below should be completed and emailed to the individuals listed. Please note that no financial forms are to be left in the HBC mailbox at GL – this mailbox is NOT monitored on a regular basis.


    Approval. All fundraising activities must be approved by GL Athletic Director, Ann Clifton, aclifton@bhpsnj.org, prior to submitting any funds or check requests to the Booster Club.  Please complete the “Request For Team Fundraising” form and submit to the Athletic Director via email and copy your respective Team Fund Liaison and the Treasurer, highlandertreasurer@gmail.com.


    All flyers also need to be approved before distribution.


    Submit one form per fundraising activity.


    Funds Request. Once the fundraising activity is approved, you can then submit a form for “Funds Request” to your Team Liaison and Treasurer with a copy to the Athletic Director. Check/cash requests are usually processed within three business days.  A debit card can also be borrowed to make purchases. There are only two debit cards available, so please request with 24 hours notice so we can ensure a card is available.



    This form is for a non-gaming funds request transaction. Use this form when requesting reimbursement for purchases made (receipts must be attached), requesting merchant payment for bills/invoices (bills/invoices must be attached) or requesting start-up cash for an event.  For tax purposes, you must indicate the reason for each payment separately i.e. payment for end of season dinner, payment for merchandise for fundraiser, payment for team merchandise not used for a fundraiser, etc.


    Purchases. Before making purchases, please request a Tax Exempt Form from the Treasurer. If the tax exempt form is not used, you may not be reimbursed for any tax paid. 


    Deposit Funds. Once the fundraising event is over, you can submit a “Funds Deposit” form.  Before dropping off deposits, especially cash deposits, please coordinate a drop off time with the Treasurer via email or text. You will be notified if there are any discrepancies in the amount noted on your deposit form and the actual amount delivered.



    This form is for a non-gaming deposit transaction of cash and/or checks. For tax purposes, you must indicate the type of deposit separately i.e. collection for end of season, money raised during merchandise sale fundraiser, donations, etc.


    Ledger. Although the Treasurer will track all monies in and out of your team account, you should also keep a detailed ledger of team deposits and disbursements.  The HBC can email you your team’s statement upon request. Please ensure that the team does not carry forward a large balance in their account from year to year unless the funds are designated for specific purchases.


    Raffles/Games of Chance.  If your fundraising activity involves a raffle, 50/50 or any game of chance, a gaming license must be obtained at least two months prior to the event.  Please contact the Treasurer for specific instructions and note that there are separate forms for Check Request and Funds Deposit relating to gaming activities.



    This form is for ALL gaming check request transactions including check requests to pay gaming license fees for any gaming event organized by the Booster Club or a specific Team.  



    This form is for ALL gaming deposit transactions for depositing cash/checks related to any licensed gaming event organized by the Booster Club or a specific Team.  

    LIAISON between HBC and TEAM 

    You are responsible for communications between the Booster Club and your team and team’s parents.   



    Request and keep current an active player roster for all three levels of your sport (Freshman, JV and Varsity squads).  Rosters can be obtained from the coaching staff at the start of the season.  


    At first parent team meeting, recruit a freshman and a JV team parent to assist you with disseminating information to those players/families.   


    You are responsible for relaying Booster Club related information to your varsity team as well as to your JV and freshman team parents who should be instructed to further relay this info to their team parents.  You may be asked to forward links and flyers to join the HBC, sign-up for Snack Shack shifts, and advertise Fall Fundraiser, Fantastic Friday/Super Saturday, etc. You may also be asked to relay information from Coaches and/or the Athletic Director including tryout information and deadlines for health forms, etc.


    You will report team information back to the HBC, as needed.  Attendance at monthly Booster Club meetings is encouraged but not required. 


    TEAM PICTURES for the HBC Showcase

    You will be asked to provide printed photos of the team for the HBC Showcase by the Showcase Chairperson.  To ensure that the showcase reflects the current sport season, the pictures are requested by the end of the second week of your season.  Therefore, we ask you to please coordinate an informal team photo ASAP! Each sport will submit ten (10) total 5x7 photos to include ALL levels (Freshmen, JV, & Varsity).  To be clear, we request 10 total and not 10 from each level! You may submit also one 8x10 photo of your senior players. Please mark the back of the photo with the level. Photos will NOT be returned. 



    The Booster Blast is typically sent out weekly to all members of the HBC.  Send an email to boosterclubofthehighlanders@gmail.com with any “blurbs” that you’d like to include in the next edition such as: upcoming “special” games (championship games; individual player record-setting), fundraising events (attach PDF flyer), photos (especially of freshmen teams as they don’t get any official press!), voting campaigns, and noteworthy performances by the team or individuals.  Items for email should be fact-checked and names spelled correctly. 



    Each team is responsible for donating a basket with a minimum value of $100 to be raffled off at HBC's Fall Fundraiser.  Reach out to the Chairperson of the Fall Fundraiser with any questions. 



    Prior to the end of the season, please talk to the coach about selecting the two Team Representatives for the next year and forward their names to the HBC. 





    After scheduled by the Athletic Director, coordinate all efforts pertaining to “Senior Night” games, meets, or matches.



    Review contract, collect funds, manage senior gifts, coaches’ gifts, decorations and evening’s sequence of events.