• GLHS Concert Choir

    Mr. Elefante


    Block G

    Google Classroom code: hbq4rhu

    Course Description

    Student will learn through the performance of diverse choral music the principles of good singing, including blend, dynamics, diction, sight-reading, music theory and vocal production. Students will be required to perform in three concerts outside of regular school hours during the year. Concert Choir is a non-auditioned group, and membership is open to any student in grades 9-12.

    Student Expectations

    Students in this course are expected to:

    1. Be on time in their chairs with their folders.
    2. Have a pencil (NOT PEN) for marking in their parts.
    3. Practice vocal production and choral music at home.
    4. Check and use Google Classroom regularly for recordings, announcements and assignments.
    5. Complete any assignments in a timely fashion.
    6. Attend pull-out lessons (REQUIRED).


    Grades are earned based on the following criteria:

    1. Class Participation and Preparedness – (60%) This weekly grade includes participation in the regular Concert Choir period and pull-out lessons, as well as preparedness of vocal parts and memorization of lyrics. 20% of the weekly grade will be taken off it the student has an unexcused absence from lessons.
    2. Vocal Assessments – (15%) These will be both scheduled and spontaneous, and occur in small groups during pull-outs.
    3. Attendance at Performances – (25%)


    Class attendance and infraction procedures will follow the School Handbook’s attendance policy.

    Pull-Out Lessons

    Students in Concert Choir will be scheduled for pull-out lessons. Lesson schedules will be published by Mr. Elefante and distributed to faculty and students. Lessons will be scheduled on a rotating basis that will cycle through different blocks. As a result, students will miss a given class once a marking period. Students must first report to their regular class to inform the teacher of lessons. A teacher has the right to keep the student in the event of a quiz, test or project. If a student is unable to attend lessons, he/she will be responsible for making arrangements with Mr. Elefante for a make-up and any missed work from the lesson. Failure to do so will count as an unexcused absence. Students are responsible for any missed work from their regular class while at pull-out lessons. Attendance at pull-out lessons will not negatively impact the student’s attendance from the class they were pulled from.


    Required performances for this course will occur in Marking Periods 2 and 4. Planned performance dates are as follows:

    • Winter Concert: 12/17 (Snow date: 12/18)
    • Spring Concert: 4/28
    • Commencement: 6/18

    Parent Portal

    Parents will be able to monitor student attendance and grades via the Parent Portal. If a parent does not have a login and/or password for the Parent Portal, they can obtain one by contacting Mrs. Milos in the Main Office at Extension 2501.