• CMS 7th & 8th-grade Choir

    Mr. Elefante


    Block TBD

    Google Classroom code: lru07z8

    Course Description

    Students will learn through the performance of diverse choral music the principles of good singing, including blend, dynamics, diction, sight-reading, music theory and vocal production.  Students will be required to perform in two concerts outside of regular school hours during the year. 7th & 8th-Grade Choir is a non-auditioned group, and membership is open to any student in grades 7-8.

    Student Expectations

    Students in this course are expected to:

    1. Be ON TIME at their seats with their music folder and a pencil.
    2. Be silent and attentive when others are speaking (or singing).
    3. Raise their hands to speak.
    4. Keep all hands to themselves.
    5. Memorize all music by the assigned dates.
    6. Participate in all class activities.
    7. Attend all performances (see below).
    8. Show RESPECT for the teacher and each other.


    Grades will be assigned based on the following criteria:

    1. Class Participation and Preparedness- (70%) This weekly grade includes participation in the regular Choir period, as well as preparedness of vocal parts and memorization of lyrics.  Disruptions of class will negatively affect your weekly participation grade as follows:

    1. 1st disruption: Warning.
    2. 2nd disruption: 10% deduction.
    3. 3rd disruption: 20% deduction.
    4. 4th disruption: 30% deduction and further disciplinary action.

    2. Vocal Assessments – (10%)

    3. Attendance at Performances – (20%)


    Class attendance and infraction procedures will follow the School Handbook’s attendance policy.


    Required performances for this course will occur in Marking Periods 2 and 4.  Planned performance dates are as follows:

    • Winter Concert: 12/11 (snow date 12/12)
    • Spring Concert: 5/5
    • Commencement: 6/17