• Salvete Omnes!
    Ms. Freeto's Latin Homepage
    Department:  Foreign Language (Latin)
    Room(s): Governor Livingston: Room 002; Columbia Middle School: Rooms A4, B4, C17
    Phone Extension: 2366
    Email Address: NFreeto@BHPSNJ.org

    Salvete, discupuli et parentes! Greetings, students and parents! All assignments and materials will be posted on Google Classroom.
    Columbia Middle School
    Block B: 6th Grade Latin (Day 2) Rm C17 (Classroom code vmugp2)
    Block C: 7th Grade Latin (Semester 1) Rm B4 (Classroom 8wkc7g)
    Block D: Latin I Honors Rm A4 (Classroom code su5ojw)
    Block E: AP Latin (Classroom code i12crxd)
    Block F: Latin IV (Classroom code ujak6j)
    Block H: Latin II Honors (Classroom code ajqnds8) / Latin III Honors (Classroom code qc8vk9)
    Latin Club: Once or twice per month, during lunch in Rm 002 (Classroom code ulk4gk)