• Mary Kay McMillin Early Childhood Center
    Code of Conduct

    Discipline at Mary Kay McMillin Early Childhood Center reflects a philosophy of mutual respect between all adults and children.   Courtesy, respect, and problem-solving strategies are practiced by all staff members and students. Rules are simple, clear, straightforward, and positively stated. The rules are designed to ensure a safe and calm learning environment for all.  Students are encouraged to consistently follow school rules of conduct, set a positive example for others, and always be conscious of how their behavior affects others. 

    A clear understanding of behavioral expectations assists students in making the right choices. By educating students about appropriate behavior as well as the consequences of unacceptable actions, the student will be better prepared to adhere to a life-long pattern of positive decision-making.


    Generally, teachers and staff administer appropriate consequences, but when the situation warrants, the principal becomes involved. Parents are not necessarily called for every problem, as students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and to learn to meet the rules and expectations of the school. 


    MKM ECC follows the district policy regarding suspected incidents of harassment, intimidation, and bullying.  The policy can be found at the following link:   http://www.bhpsnj.org/Page/422




    A good school citizen is honest, does his/her best, follows school rules and treats everyone with respect.   

    • I belong to a school community that depends upon me to treat everyone with respect.     
    • I belong to a school community that depends upon me to act safely and responsibly.
    • I belong to a school community that depends on me not to hurt others with my words or my actions.    
    • I belong to a school community that depends on me to use technology tools in a safe and responsible way.   
    • If I do not obey school rules and school staff members, I know there will be consequences for the wrong choices I make.