• How To


    1.      Find any vocabulary terms from the lesson and turn them into question.

    (Define the word or give the definition of the word) up to 3.


    2.  Go back to the notes done in class.  Using the lesson headings, make a general question about the big ideas of the lesson.  Make it a general true/false question.


    3.  Go back to the notes and select a bulleted idea you think will be on the test.  Reword the bullet, leaving the key idea as the blank.


    4.  Go back to any worksheets that match the notes.  Select a question you think may be on the test and reword it.


    5.  Go back to the notes and find a question that has a list as answers.  Make up the question but ask for fewer numbers than the list. (five in notes, then ask for three or four).


    6.  Go back and check that you have answered all the questions and that you did the correct number of questions.)