The GL PTO is happy to announce the availability of teacher grants for classroom and curriculum items for 2016-17 school year. Grants are made available on a first-come basis and are not to exceed $200.  Each teacher can receive ONE grant during each school year. Teachers can combine requests for grants over $200, up to a total of $600 (if doing so,complete only one form and include information for all the teachers).


    No iPad related requests can be funded through this program. The school will handle those needs separately.


    While it is not required that teachers be PTO members to receive grants, we strongly encourage you to join. Joining encourages closer communication and involvement and helps our school community.


    To apply, please complete the form and email it to the Grant Committee Chairs, 

    Monica Szalus ( mdszalus@yahoo.com ) and Jeanie Ruban ( j.ruban@verizon.net ). 

    If you have back-up information that you cannot email, you can let them know and leave it in the PTO mailbox.


    Please submit requests at least one week prior to a regularly scheduled GL PTO meeting, ending with the April meeting. The PTO will consider applications at the meeting, and will inform you of its decision.  

    To receive reimbursement for 
    your purchases, please fill out the PTO Request for Reimbursement form, attach your receipts, and place them in the PTO mailbox addressed to the Grants Committee.  We hope the funds will help you enrich your students’ experience.