• The Morris-Union Jointure Commission offers a variety of training to support parents. Information on these offerings is listed below.
    Creating Visual Schedules and Behavioral Expectations

    Creating a visual schedule and setting behavioral expectations in the home for students
    with disabilities is a challenge for any parent. What do I do when my child arrives home
    from school to set up a schedule and expectations? What digital tools are available to help
    students to establish a routine at home and create structure? How do I get my child to
    transition off a preferred device such as an Ipad? During this online workshop, participants
    will learn about the digital tools available to help them establish organization and
    routine/structure at home. Tools via Google and other digital resources will be shared. This
    online workshop will focus on:
    • assisting parents with creating a visual schedule for the home,
    • exploring independent digital applications to assist parents with setting behavioral
    • practicing with tools that help parents create a home-based structure.
    Presented by:
    Christie Schutz Vincelli, Ed.D.
    Consultant, F Jones Consulting Group
    Date & Time:
    March 25, 2021
    7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (NEW TIME)
    Sponsored by:
    Morris-Union Jointure Commission
    340 Central Avenue
    Professional Development Center
    New Providence, NJ 07974
    908-464-7625, ext. 1112
    MUJC website: www.mujc.org
    Visit their website at www.mujc.org for more information.